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Complete Guidance on Studying in Europe

Through our pathway courses, you can now realize your dreams of studying in Europe without hassles. The study programs that you can apply for include: Medical studies, Engineering, and Business and Management.

What Are Pathway Programs?

VIAST educational institute offers pathway courses that help international students complete their selected credit-bearing academic classes to be admissible in an Institute level degree. Through this program, students would also develop their oratory and writing skills in English or the selected country's instructional language. In some cases, earned credits may be transferred toward an online certificate or a degree by the sponsoring school.

What Are the Benefits of Opting for Pathway Programs?

Pathway programs are important because they offer training at the most rudimentary levels which provide immediate solutions to some of the academic problems faced by students who struggle to have access to higher education. For example, the pathway programs may bridge a readiness gap for some students by providing language and cultural instructions for students with English as the second language in school/college.

Pathway programs also make it possible for individuals from multiple sectors to enter an Institute well-prepared. A professional, for example, may be able to complete a quick course that is all-encompassing of the academic subjects that reinforce his/her vocational skills for career advancement. These adjuvant options increase the students' ability in completing their tasks successfully and confidently while carrying the workload of their Institute programs by enhancing their writing, communication, and time management skills that are necessary to succeed in higher education.

Why Should You Enroll in Our Pathway Programs?

There are several reasons why international students must consider enrolling in a pathway program before moving ahead with a college or an Institute program. Read on to learn more about the benefits that pathway programs have to offer to determine if it is the best option for you.

Choosing the Right Pathway Program

Once you've decided to attend a pathway program, the next step is to choose the right program that suits your requirement. Read on to learn what questions to ask when choosing the most suitable pathway program for you.

Pathway Programs to Consider

A great way to begin your journey as an international student in Europe is through a pathway program. There is no "one-program-fits-all" you so, you will need to find the perfect one that fits your requirement(s).

1. Institute Pathway

Take your language course to the next level! Whether you are interested in academics or arts, we have partnered with some of the leading universities in Europe and have tied up with local businesses that can offer you new opportunities and fresh avenues to discover.

How Does it Work?

VIAST benefits from its affiliation to a large network of universities, both public and private, that we have partnered with to offer a unique Institute placement program.

As a part of the Bologna Process, the EUROPEAN UNION offers some of the best educational courses in Europe and offers certifications that are officially recognized worldwide. If you have the required academic qualification and if you pass the language qualification test conducted by the Institute, we can guarantee you a place at the Institute. Our Student Support Service will verify your academic documents before your arrival. Once you begin your language course with us, we will assist you in defining your specific pathway and support you through the entire application process.

Why Choose VIAST?

Take your education to the next level and broaden your horizons!

  • We provide high-quality courses and specializations to improve for THE CHOICE of your European LANGUAGES skills to obtain a CEF (Common European Framework) language-level certification
  • We will assist you in meeting the key academic requirements and guide you through the admission procedures for your selected Bachelor or Master program in European Union
  • You have 40+ degrees to choose from to complete your Bachelor/Undergraduate or Master/Graduate degrees from a public or private institution
  • We offer dedicated assistance and advice before, during, and after your selected pathway program completion
  • You will receive free academic counseling and support to ensure a seamless transition into the Institute
  • With a single track comprising of four distinct pathways based on your language level, we can offer you the educational framework you need to obtain your C1 certification.

What Do You Need?

  • You will need a C1-level certification for entering Institute
  • A high-school diploma that is equivalent to the European education framework is needed. In Germany, there is a special 1-year Studienkolleg program for students who do not have an Abitur equivalent (min. B1 German level is needed in this case)
  • There is no visa requirement for EU applicants
  • Non-EU applicants will have to request/apply for a student visa. Once your tuition fee is paid, we will send you an invitation letter for your visa application. Simultaneously, we will help you launch your application at the Institute

How to Apply?

To make sure that you have all the documents in place for your Institute application, it is highly recommended that you start the process as early as possible and follow the steps delineated below.

1. Test Your Language Skills Online

To assess your language level skills and estimate the time needed to achieve C1, it is essential to take our online language test.

2. Complete Our Pre-Evaluation Form

Filling out this form provides us with the right information that we need to outline a recommended pathway for you and highlight any issues that may need to be resolved in the process.

3. Finalize the Institute Application Form

Once you have selected the course that you would like to pursue, make an application to the Institute while respecting their deadline!

4. Provide Your Respective Transcripts

It is imperative that you gather all your documents relating to your secondary diploma course(s) and further education if any, that you have already completed. You may need to have these translated and notarized.

5. Define Your Institute-Specific Pathway Roadmap

Once we have identified and defined your eligibility and established your individualized pathway to the Institute, we would communicate all the relevant deadlines and prices to you according
to your specific roadmap.

6. Complete the VIAST Language Course Application Form

Now that you have all the relevant information about your course structure and have selected the track to your Institute, you can be officially enrolled.

7. Receive your Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA)

With the CLA you can now finalize your visa application.

8. Start Your Program!

Enjoy learning at a pace that is adapted to your objectives and time availability. The more effort you invest, the more you will get out of the course.

9. Pass Your Language Exam

Our average success rate of 97% in the language exam guarantees your success with flying colors. From then on, it is just a matter of time when you begin your chosen Institute course.


  • School leaving certificate with Apostle
  • Intermediate with Apostle
  • Health Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letters

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