Core Values of VIAST

Our main aim is to create an accord to society through the pursuit of learning, education, development, and research bestowed at the highest standards.

  • High standards Education
  • Personal Development
  • Grooming for the corporate market and the global workforce
  • Developing an industry-ready advanced pedagogy for higher education while making the students corporate ready
Corporate Social Responsibility of VIAST
  • Widest student access to the VIAST
  • Offer accord to the society through the pursuit and dissemination of education and application of knowledge
  • A place that focuses on the broader academic pursuit and participation of the local community.
  • A land of opportunities for the most innovative and unique partnerships with charitable foundations, businesses, and healthcare.
  • Maintaining sustainability within the environment
VIAST Staffs
  • Our greatest asset is the rewards and recognition of the VIAST Staff
  • Fostering the career development of the VIAST Staff
Other activities
  • We emphasize employing the scopes for broadening our student's and staff's experience through active participation in music, sports, games, and a plethora of cultural activities.

Goal of VIAST

Our goal is to successfully implement the mastery of knowledge among 21st-century students so that they can evolve the capability to adapt to the constantly evolving societal demands. As our students live in a globally connected rapidly changing world, they are from diverse backgrounds in terms of geography, ethnicity, and socio-economically. According to research data, due to this cultural diversity, students learn better and differently.

At VIAST, we are strictly committed to adopting the offerings in the contemporary setting to meet the requirements of the students through the pursuit of diverse learning styles inside and outside the classroom. We believe in the opportunity to deepen the learning process through curricular and pedagogical innovation while advancing the science of learning. We develop and adopt technology while assisting the instruction, assessment, and accessibility.

VIAST aims to be the premier research that creates an educational program specially incorporated for the 21st-century professionals which will lead them to the perfect blend of application of the knowledge while preserving the past, successfully managing the future, and carefully design the future.

What We Do

We offer multidisciplinary courses that are campus-based learning, which can either be a full-time or a part-time program. We facilitate academically able and motivated students with world-class teaching. We provide them access to the best of resources & facilities on the campus preparing and guiding them to meet the challenges of a competitive world.

Our Learning Environment Consists Socratic Method of Imparting Knowledge with the Best of Facilities Such As:

  • Library – Our well-structured and well-organized library provides the students with easy access to both printed and electronic resources such as books, journals, and an online database.
  • Computing and IT – Our Computer labs are well networked providing the student's PCs with advanced configurations. The lab is well equipped with the state of the art technology enabling students with easy and quick access to online research materials, program-oriented links, a printing facility, Skype video, WIFI, and all other required IT learning support.
  • Lab – Our Lab facilities are well equipped to aid practical training in respective fields of study. The quality of our Lab nurtures and harbors a learning environment that elevates practical knowledge, research, and application of theoretical studies.
  • Group Discussions – We encourage students to form collaborative teams to have a discussion and conclude on topics researched. Groups of students are enthused to ace at such group discussions and tower above all. This platform for discussions takes students to a different level of understanding a subject. It plays an important role in critical thinking and initiating new ideas.
  • Seminars and Conferences – We encourage students to attend seminars and conferences to study from others and develop their skills & knowledge in their respective fields. We also persuade our students to ask questions and interact with the panel. Shared research projects, edited books, and special issues in peer-reviewed journals are some of the resources reachable to our students during these seminars and conferences.

Benefits of Studying at VIAST

VIAST is a title that refers to a narrowly focused community or society, usually sharing a common goal or focus concerning science, technology, education, or research matters. It is a new concept-oriented academic training institute in the European Union, which stands out to be one amongst the best at par with already well-established institutes. The institution imparts career-orientated study programs such that students once graduated, are competitive enough to be absorbed by organizations that execute the highest level of global working skills and research knowledge.

Why VIAST is Unique

  • Well recognized ADULT education institute in Estonia: Our ADULT education programs are recognized as the best Study Programs in Estonia. The knowledge, experience, and skills our students imbibe are the well-respected world over paving way for ample opportunities to pursue their dream careers.
  • Quality Education: Our students always have an edge over the others being guided by excellent professors from Europe, the US, and Canada. Our students are provided with the best innovative education models and facilities transforming them from being just mediocre to be the best. Our programs impart information through authentic learning, social learning, and giving room for flexibility. The foundation principles of VIAST are based on excellence, equality, and opportunity for all. At VIAST Institute, the classroom work is structured in a way such that, the students are encouraged to apply their personal experiences to academics as part of their field study. Technical and practical learning enables the students to self-learn and gets familiarized with the knowledge acquired. This unique feature constitutes a major part of VIAST's education system of learning.
  • Opportunities offered by the European education system: Our Post-graduation programs are designed to be compatible across Europe and our students are given ample opportunities to collaborate with researchers and academics to study or work abroad at ease with no hurdles.
  • Work while study and work permit after study: The students who wish to work while studying are given a student Visa that permit them to work while they study, and work permits can be applied for, on the completion of the program.
  • Strong Research Infrastructure: Our focus is to implement research-led teaching for all our students across all major disciplines. Our extensive range of research facilities is available as a strong study platform to assist all our students, in developing proficiency in their respective fields of study. Our students are supported by scalable and interoperable research infrastructure for all their assignments and learning.
  • Support System: We ensure that all students feel secure and comfortable after admission into our institution. We strive hard to maintain a very supportive relationship with our students. Our students are provided with appropriate information, guidance, supervision, and support in times of uncertainty. We look forward to creating lifetime memories that our students will cherish and carry forward as they graduate to enter the competitive world.

Benefits of Studying in Estonia

Estonia is a study destination for post-graduation programs as it paves the way into the European job sectors at par with those who have their master's program. Moreover, students across the globe want to pursue their education in Estonia to enjoy the whole experience of both academics and social life.

  • Historical interest : Estonia is a historic birthplace of some famous people like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Kafka, and Sigmund Freud. From dancing to skiing to teaching, Estonia is well known for its accomplishments and its rich educational institutions, therefore earning an outstanding reputation across the world. The history of quality education goes back to the year 1365 where its largest and oldest institute, the Institute of Vienna was founded. Since then Estonia holds a rich history in the field of education.
  • Unique Culture : Studying in Estonia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students. The unrivaled cultural diversity of life in Estonia allows students to experience and discover the joy of studying in a multicultural environment. This learning environment enables students to meet fellow international students and develop a range of skills that are necessary to be part of today's global workforce.
  • Quality education : Estonia pioneers in offering the world's best education system and it is well structured in a way such that the curriculum is designed to be oriented toward the requirements of the business world. The system believes in an exemplary education system that can adhere to the practical implementation of research and development by integrating students with the business communities. This two-pronged approach leads to ample job opportunities for students who graduate from our institution.
  • Affordable fee structure : Estonia offers quality study programs without charging exorbitant tuition fees.
  • High standard of living : With Estonia's economic wealth, excellent health care system, international education system, stability, and security, it can offer its inhabitants a high standard of living. Estonia is known for its high standard of living at an incredibly affordable cost of living. In short, the cost of living is comparatively low to the high quality of living.
  • Language skills : Estonia embraces some of the most important languages in the world. Estonia offers a wide variety of study programs in different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese in ADULT education institutions. With the ADULT education institutions in Estonia offering such diverse languages, there are chances that you might end up being affluent in more than one language.
  • Job prospects : The economic prosperity in Estonia paves the way to job opportunities that are much greater in number than compared to other countries. Estonia is the destination for organizations and professionals from all over the world offering attractive job opportunities for talented international individuals. Estonia permits students to work legally on a student visa by offering vibrant opportunities.