VESTYN Non-EU Health Professional Adaptation Program

This program is primarily designed to help NON-EU-educated Medical graduates and Nurses adapt to practice in Europe and other European Health Care Systems. The major portion of the program is dedicated to learning the intensive German Language and the Medical terminologies in German.

The course module also consists of a legal framework of the European health care system and practical training at Partner Hospitals, which would be an integral part of the program.

Since this is a practical-intensive course, VIAST would help students with the License (equivalent to a Europe n qualification) of their existing foreign nursing qualification and prepare them for the Approbation test which is also known as the licensure exam.

The Approbation test consists of four stages in which the first two stages can be completed in English or GERMAN. The third stage is a 40-day Practical Medical Nursing test session conducted under the supervision of a Partner Hospital. The hospital would analyze the efficiency of the students in dealing with a real German-speaking patient.

After clearing the fourth stage of the test, the candidate obtains the license and becomes capable of practicing in Europe and the European Health Care system.

The approbation program is aimed at providing recognition to physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, support staff, and other healthcare professionals who are foreign nationals and have obtained their medical qualification outside of the European Union which is a mandate by the governments of the European Union. The code of professional activities and tasks related to the medical and healthcare domains are governed differently under the law in the EU and certain prerequisites have to be met for training and application in the healthcare profession.

This program trains to obtain authorization from the government for professionals to practice in their respective healthcare departments. This training program is structured to prepare the pursuant for the two computer tests, one which verifies the expertise knowledge quotient, and the second to assess the local health system and legal system awareness levels.
Training is also given for the formal practical performance of the relevant medical profession under expert supervision at a local healthcare facility. The participants will also be equipped to complete the case studies required for the approbation.

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Medicine or Nursing

Duration: 1 Year Course

This program is designed to prepare foreign Health Care graduates for the approbation exam that consists of 4 components.

In addition to that, the program will introduce the European medical environment to its students which will allow the aspiring nurses to gain a perfect understanding of the working habits and standards practiced in the European Republic.

1st Component – Professional Knowledge

Students will be trained for an exam that will test their professional knowledge. The exam can be given in either English or German. After graduating from the bachelor's in nursing and Medicine, the students would already have the required knowledge to pass the exam. However, their professional knowledge will be reviewed in addition to their medical terminology expertise as a part of the assessment stage before joining the program.

2nd Component – Healthcare System and the Legal Framework

Students will be trained for an exam that will test their knowledge of the healthcare system and the basic legal framework relating to the provision of healthcare in the Republic of Europe. The exam can be taken in either English or German. Students would also focus on subjects such as the European healthcare legal framework and the Europe Healthcare System.

3rd Component – Internship

Students will join a 40-day internship program at a hospital under professional supervision. They will need to get their License subjects reviewed before starting the internship program.

4th Component – Verbal Exam

Students will need to use all the prior training that they have obtained for this final verbal exam. In addition to their professional knowledge, they will need to show communication skills. During the span of the Intensive Adaptation Course, the students will have Intensive German language lessons which will include German grammar, writing in German, and reading German.

European Union In-Demand Occupations List Includes Medical Doctors and Nursing Professions

Admission requirements
  • Relevant bachelor's degree with a good GPA and apostle
  • The CV in addition to a minimum of 2 years of experience
  • Motivation letter
  • International English language Certificate (if applicable)
  • A Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical& Fitness Certificate
  • Al and A2 German language proof
  • Al to A2 German proof (if applicable)

Career note:

After qualifying in the License exam, the candidate is eligible to work as a Health Care professional in Europe.

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