Dr. Krishna (Orthodontist)

Founder of Institute, Estonia.

Founder's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to visit our website and it was my honor to establish VIAST institute in Pärnu, the city of beauty, friendship and study. As a person who came to study in Austria and who gained life experience in this European Union, I realized how great it is here from an international student's point of view. I found it very friendly and open and that is why I got determined to establish VIAST. Also, since I have discovered a high capacity for international students who wish to have an academic degree along with living experience in an attractive culture and lifestyle, I was more and more encouraged. Estonia is the place in which you can find all tastes and colors besides its high-level universities and academic institutes.

The idea of establishing VIAST International Institute comes from the before mentioned reasons and, as a person who has both experiences in study and living in Europe,s I highly recommend you to take the opportunity of studying in it.

At VIAST International Institute we do our best to keep our training plans updated. Our training team is chosen among high-level university instructors, professors and scholars along with a friendly environment for our students.

VIAST is constantly working towards enhancing its collaboration more vigorously at an interinstitutional level on permanent grounds in the areas of Applied Sciences,Technical, Health Care and Research.

I have complete faith that you will imbibe the best of knowledge, skills, and habits at our institution during your study here. The learning that you will absorb here will be of great benefit to you in your future career

Come and join us at VIAST International Institute -Pärnu and experience a new life!

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