Engineering Technologies

Engineering Technologies

Engineering technology-oriented courses are a way forward designed to increase the capabilities of a student not only in a theoretical sense but also in the development and implementation of a respective area of technology which is even more "applied" and less theoretical than science education in engineering.

Though in a broader view both engineering technology and engineering science education courses focus on practical application education in engineering technology have much more focus on the application of science than in engineering science and they do overlap with many of the same general domains as design, development, and testing.

Education in technology courses lets students focus on implementation (post-development) of technology more likely than in engineering coursework. The one who completes these courses will have the opportunity to work with engineers but after years of experience based on the expertise level they contain, and they often do assist professional engineers soon after the completion of their education in engineering technology.

The working areas of professionals in engineering technology include product design, improvements, fabrication, and testing. Like all engineers, they also do rise to senior management positions in the industry and can also become entrepreneurs. The awardee of a degree in these areas will be known as Engineering Technologist.



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