IT Technologies

IT Technologies

Emerging Technologies are gaining prominence due to their progressive role in practical problem-solving today. The growing dynamism in their usability has led to fast-growing, coherent, and impactful use cases in different data-driven fields. Our courses in Information and Emerging Technologies offer enhanced value to students and help them take up challenging jobs in the IT realm.

Advancements in the core fields of data science and information engineering are the results of the technological convergence of different systems, disruption through digital transformations, and continuous innovations that are in demand in various fields like education, healthcare, business development, cognitive science, banking, manufacturing, retail, etc.

Our technology-centric integrated courses make students career-ready for the data-driven and hyper-competitive IT industry. We aim to equip students with practical problem-solving capacities that merge with digital evolution through industry-supplied projects and internships.

We offer technology courses in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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